Bodhi Smith is an award winning fine-art landscape photographer, a digital photography instructor, and an international tour guide. He is a native of Southern California.  

Until 2011, Bodhi was an avid and successful backcountry skier/splitboarder with weekly adventures into the North American Alpine wildernesses. Since 2011, he has taken that kind of professional skill, passion, knowledge of weather, and obsessions of natural beauty and has translated it into building an impressive body of photographic artwork that is enjoyed by thousands of viewers on a daily basis.

To assist him in realistically reaching his goals with helping and inspiring others with a camera, Bodhi is a member of the International Photography team at One Of A Kind Photography

Even as a kid Chip Morton wanted to create images with a camera. His parents forbid him to touch one for fear he would destroy it. Wading into the ocean to document his brother David surfing with a forbidden Instamatic camera was the first time he touched a shutter release. From that point on, he was hooked. In fact, soon after, he registered for his first photography classes.

After school he worked in camera stores learning every detail imaginable about photography and the photographic processes. In the late eighties he worked as a professional assistant in some of Orange Counties larger commercial photography studios before opening his own studio in Temecula, California. After twenty years of product photography Chip is focusing on fine art landscape photography.

Chip still does product photography, but chances are you’re more likely to catch him at Swami’s beach or at Joshua Tree National Park. Chip is a consummate professional, a master of articulating light and surface, and has a unique talent for seeing dynamic compositions. 

Jeff DeVeau -

Jeff DeVeau considers himself a luminous landscape photographer. Wether it’s in the mountains, the deserts, or the beaches, he is most happy capturing sweeping panoramic images filled with amazing light. He likes to use multiple exposures, focus stacking, advanced editing, and color enhancements to bring back the memory of being there. The final image is no longer just a photograph, but a piece of art that takes you back to the moment.

He is a total geek, He loves technology and He love to watch the world of photography evolve as we move forward. Photography is changing so much as technology advances and he strives to stay at the forefront pushing the boundaries of what is possible, both with his equipment and his editing.