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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between an aluminum tripod and a carbon fiber tripod?

  • Please refer to the tab "explore and learn" and click on "aluminum vs. carbon fiber tripod."

2. I can't find the spikes for my tripod?

  • Inside the black carrying case is a pocket with a zipper. Open the zipper and inside will be your tripod's spikes.

3. How do I file a warranty claim for a Dolica tripod?

  • To file a warranty claim for a Dolica, simply go to the "Contact Us" tab and choose "Warranty Support."  There, you will find the information you need to submit in order to file a claim. 

4. If I bought a Dolica tripod off Amazon, do I return it to Amazon or Dolica?

  • If your purchase was made within a month, you can return it to Amazon for full refund. 

5. I lost some parts to my Dolica tripod? How can I replace them?

  • Lost parts are NOT covered by warranty, however, we do have replacement parts for sale online. If you do not find your part you can email us with the part you are missing and we may or may not have it in stock.