Jack Laxer - Modern Architecture Stereographic Photographer

Jack Laxer is a world renowned photographer who teaches photography at the acclaimed Getty Museum in Los Angeles.  Jack has been using our products for over three years now and has taken part in helping shape some of our designs. We are proud to have Jack’s influence on our products and we are honored to have Jack advocate our products to his photography scholars.  



Many notable architects including Paul Williams, William Cody, and the masters of the Modern California Coffee Shop, Armet & Davis, hired 3-D photographer Jack Laxer to document their newly completed works. Using a specially adapted Stereo Realist camera, Laxer’s lens revealed a vivid depth filled world, with a precision and artistry unseen before or since in the realm of stereo photography.

Laxer’s primary subject matter was the ultramodern architecture of midcentury America. However, unlike Shulman’s famous black and white 2-D images of private residential oases, Laxer’s work documented the ultramodern Main Streets of Los Angeles in a pristine palette of Kodachrome colors with a hyper-exaggerated stereo depth.

Laxer's progressive subject matter perfectly embodies the spirit of modernism, both as an artistic movement as well as an everyday reality in postwar Los Angeles. His amazing views offer a full-color, 3-D glimpse into a world that no longer exists, even as we drive by it every day.

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