Ken Rockwell - the "Opinion Maker" Landscape Photographer

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Ken Rockwell was dubbed as “The Opinion Maker” by India’s largest photo magazine Better Photography, because his website is the largest independent source of photography information—even the world’s largest printed photography magazine has less readership than his website. We are honored to have Ken Rockwell recommend our tripods, commenting on how our Dolica tripods hold their value and obtain impressive features at a low cost compared to many other high end tripods on the market. Ken gives us great feedback and we take it into deep consideration when designing our tripods.


In 2000 I started to copy my personal notes about which cameras, lenses and settings worked best for me under various conditions onto this website. I did this so that I could refer back to them from anywhere on earth, without needing to lug my computer around. I'm a photographic artist, not a computer addict. This isn't even a "blog;" it's just my personal website that's been growing and growing as I've been adding to it these past eleven-plus years.


I never intended it this way, but search engines found this information, and somehow over the years I've become the world's largest independent source of photography information. Even the world's largest printed photography magazine has less readership than this website. Oddly, my little notes are read more than the work of any other photography author in history. Strange, but true.

I was interviewed in India's largest photo magazine, Better Photography, in January 2010, who dubbed me "The Opinion Maker."

I feel like the Forrest Gump of photography, although unlike Forrest, in addition to having won many top awards for my artwork, and having had my work published and held in private and public collections worldwide for many decades, I have earned my living full-time in digital imaging since the 1980s. I hold a couple of US patents. Heck, even though I prefer to shoot real film for my personal work today in 2010, I've been doing this digital stuff for a full-time living for over twenty years. My dad is an engineer, so he taught us about things like discrete cosine transforms, quantization matrices and cos4 laws around the dinner table as children, thus this digital stuff has always been trivial for me. To me, understanding this technology is simply a foundation from which to create artwork, not an end to itself.


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