Jiamin Zhu - Creative Fashion Photography

I started with drawing female figures wearing elaborate Asian or European wardrobes when I was young, and now I spend the majority of my time photographing portraiture.  I am a self-taught photographer who loves to do creative collaborations with models, makeup artists, hair stylist, designers, and wardrobe stylist.  I love to portray beautiful models in my photos.  I like my photos very colorful or emotional or elaborate, with some unusual elements that are not from every day photography.  I am especially interested in photo shooting a story line of some sort to portray humanity.  

Currently, I am shooting mostly editorials to get published in magazines.  However, I love to acquire new styles and switch up my styles completely. Photography itself is an art making process to me, and I plan to maintain its purity as in its natural form by not commercializing it.  I love my freedom to never re-create the same styles, and continue to explore the many facets of my interaction with this art.